Hiya! We are Kelly and Andrew, thirty-something, newly wed and new to this blog writing / backpacking malarkey.

Although we've always wanted to travel the world (who doesn't right?) we never got the chance to in our younger days.

Now, seeing as we got married in June, and that warranted a little holiday afterwards, we thought "hey - lets do a bit of backpacking for our honeymoon".

So we planned a month in Australia, which turned into 2 months including New Zealand too. Then we realised some point soon the serious business of life would get in the way of us going to see all the other places we wanted to see...

So we took out a map and said yes to everywhere we could. Basically the plan became a route diagonally back to Blighty from New Zealand.

It's going to be different from our normal lives in London. We've both left our jobs, our friends and family, all of whom we'll miss. What we hope to give you is a catalogue of our adventures as a backpacking couple, where one of us has to talk to everyone they meet and the other wants to be shown the world.

What you might get is an insight into what seven months alone with your other half is all about, and hopefully we'll all learn a thing or two about this big bright earth.