What if we lost our wedding rings?

Recently Kelly and I have been having a debate, well more of a standoff about our weddings rings and whether we should be taking them. Kelly’s point is that we are married so we should be wearing the rings at all times, a point I understand completely. My view on this is that the rings are too important and I for one, would be absolutely gutted if I lost my ring, it being the original and therefore irreplaceable ring from the day I was married.

The other point being that we could make ourselves targets for the not-so-nice people out there in the world. That is a risk I don’t want to put us through given we’ll be traveling for a long time and anybody could put us in danger.

My solution is to buy cheaper looking ‘travel’ rings that we can use around the world. Kelly isn’t convinced so we’ll see what we do.

Edit: Kelly has decided that it’s a good idea to get temporary rings, so we are going to get some wooden ones online. I think it’s an excuse for Kelly to do some more ring shopping post wedding!

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