Preparing for 7 months on the road may seem daunting. But I can tell you it is the easiest thing to do.

Of course I’m kidding, it’s actually like putting your life on hold and burning everything you owned up until that point. I mean what do you do with all that furniture you accumulated, the TV and sofas you spend all your time with, the mountains of cutlery and plates? Where do we start with our clothes?

Do we keep it, take it, store it? What will the weather be like for 7 months?

What about that leather jacket David convinced me to buy? Will it look cool in LA? Scratch that. It won’t look cool on me anywhere, so that’s not coming.

So we had to make tough decisions about pretty much everything we owned. And that’s very liberating.

I mean I found it liberating anyway. Kelly and I have our differences when it comes to keep sakes, especially 12 shoes boxes full of cinema tickets, and birthday cards, but hey someone might like to see an original Odeon stub for Gladiator.

I think it’s quite an exciting prospect to go on a long holiday, but the reality of preparation is that you have to do the most monumental spring clean you’ve ever had to do, and that is an adventure in the past, present and future.

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