The day it all starts


So today has finally come! It’s been a long time coming, and I think that constant countdown has dulled the excitement somewhat.

We booked the bulk of the trip around our wedding in June and July. The travel agent sorting the flights and our packages, so it was made easy. We just had to strap ourselves in for the ride.

And wait…

Wait until work was finished and November came.

Lots happened between The wedding in June and October 31st, so I never felt like it was really happening.

I for one had been roped into running the Yorkshire marathon at the beginning of October so my mind was firmly on that task until just before we left.

The following weeks felt like a fair well tour, saying bye to everybody and trying to make it not seem like a big deal in our minds. It’s only a few months and no-one will notice we’ve gone until we’re back!

So today is the day. I’m writing this on our plane to Los Angeles, the flight was delayed by an hour because a fog had swamped Gatwick (au revoir British weather).

Not the best start but we’re on our blooming way now!!!

We just flew over Greenland, and the miles of snow and rock cliffs made me wonder on the scale and size of the world. In 6 hours we’ll have gone from freezing wasteland to roasting Californian beaches and that’s just the first example to the diversity of the places we’ll be seeing.

We’re really very lucky to be embarking on this adventure, and I can only appreciate the people and opportunities that put us on it…

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