Surfing USA in Hawai’i

Where you wear a flower behind your left ear if you’re married and where a lot of people come to get married. Forever spotting brides all I kept thinking was ‘you’ll never get the sand out of that dress’.

It’s just taken me five minutes to figure out what day it was, so a week ago we learnt to surf on Waikiki beach. It was awesome, I was so scared I would hate it or be really bad but I so really wanted to do it. We’d initially written off the idea after seeing the prices advertised on the beach. But after we saw a sign saying ‘honeymoon couple surfing lesson discount’ at a surf shop next door to breakfast one morning we couldn’t say no.

So at 8am one bright morning we daintily gave ourselves up to whatever we would be instructed to do knowing that we wouldn’t regret this hour no matter the outcome. Sounds stupid now thinking of the nervousness I had. LaLa was our excellent instructor herself surfing since she was three and currently teaching her two children to surf. A quick lesson on the shop floor on the demonstration board, with two practises to how to get up and we were off to the beach carrying our boards across the street through all the pedestrian crowds. I certainly felt cool even if I didn’t look it in my second hand rash guard (top half of a wet suit). So soon in to the water I thought? I think my biggest fear was other surfers, luckily at that early time the sea was not at all crowded and any surfers that did come our way LaLa managed to point them around us patiently. Memories of Jims message ‘it’s all about the snap on to your feet’ went through our heads however LaLa’s instruction was purely ‘take your time’.

With no fear of falling, our first wave was a success, we were up on our feet and surfing. Then after the first fall at the end of the ride we knew the feeling of the water hitting us and salt water in our mouths and noses. Still, the adrenalin had set in. I put pressure of the GoPro on the end of my board as the reason I then couldn’t stand up again for the next 30mins. My knees just seemed to be weighted to the board and I was getting comfortable knee surfing, Lord knows how silly I actually looked.


The tiredness kicked in with the arms first as wave after wave kept pushing me back to the shore as I tried to swim out to LaLa. Andi overtook me many times and had go after go of successfully riding the waves past me.


I didn’t want to stop though, I was having too much fun. Andi said he and LaLa were discussing me as they watched me battle the waves thinking I was tired and wanted to give up but every time LaLa asked if I wanted to go again my loud reply was ‘hell yeah!’

We had no idea the lesson would be so successful, well in our eyes anyway, there’s no way we’ll be showing off our moves anytime soon and I especially couldn’t face surfing off the coast of England just yet. The warmth of the Pacific helped I imagine. Yet we were really happy as I thought we would never manage to stand up in such a short time and that multiple lessons would be needed. The joyful hour was rounded off by a quick show of the GoPro footage back at the shop showing our amazing efforts, not too shabby. The only downside came the next day when all of my muscles hurt and Andi’s feet were covered in cuts from hitting some coral after falling. Battle wounds well earned, no pain no gain.


2 thoughts on “Surfing USA in Hawai’i

  • Jo 21st November 2015 at 9:32 am Reply

    Excellent surfing photos!
    Well done you :) X

  • Jim 28th November 2015 at 4:16 pm Reply

    Nice one guys! Love the pics too. So impressed you stood up so quickly. I’ll be angling to look at the ‘fails’ pics one day .

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