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Our farewell tour

Since we’re leaving the country for 7 months it’s only fair that we spend time with friends and family for a proper goodbye. As this has happened in several places and over several dates we’ve been calling this our farewell tour. Like a boy band. And like a boy band we all know we’ll come…

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Last jabs for the Honeymooners

Today we had our final vaccination. We have had 8 jabs over the last 6 weeks, and only a couple hurt, but we’re now covered for almost everywhere in the world. The last one we had, Japanese encephalitis, is the one that Andi can’t pronounce, which will be unfortunateĀ if I’m unconscious and he’s talking to…

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What do we pack?

Preparing for 7 months on the road may seem daunting. But I can tell you it is the easiest thing to do. Of course I’m kidding, it’s actually like putting your life on hold and burning everything you owned up until that point. I mean what do you do with all that furniture you accumulated,…

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