Where I found my heaven

Okay so we’ve got a theme here for blog titles, if you have noticed it they’re song titles. Purely accidental. Anyway, I just had to hold back tears leaving a hotel! Robinson Crusoe island isn’t just any hotel though. A very small island off the main coast of Fiji that is a hotel made up…

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Time for a listicle

10 things we have learnt on our trip thus far 1. Americans like to put their names on things – pier steps and hospitals to name a few 2. Australians don’t use the word shrimp so who knows where the phrase ‘throw a shrimp on the bar-b’ came from 3. Fortune cookies were invented in…

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Surfing USA in Hawai’i

Where you wear a flower behind your left ear if you’re married and where a lot of people come to get married. Forever spotting brides all I kept thinking was ‘you’ll never get the sand out of that dress’. It’s just taken me five minutes to figure out what day it was, so a week…

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My knees hurt from the hills

A quick flight up California took us to San Fran where we are staying at the Green Tortoise hostel. A place where we received an email ahead of our visit, warning us it was a noisy, lively establishment suited more for young’ens than couples. It couldn’t have been the furter from the truth though. We arrived…

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The first leg LA, is large

Los Angeles felt like a good stop on a trip, especially the first in a sequence stretching 6 months. The city I nick-named little Britain at one point because we’d heard more English accents than you would on a Friday night in Brixton Burger King. Specifically we were greeted at our hostel by a girl…

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Photo 01-11-2015, 21 05 54

City of Angels

This was only my second visit to the States but having spent a week in New York a couple of years ago I thought I was prepared for the American friendliness. I guess being a die hard Brit, especially living in London, you forget how really nice people can actually be and that when someone…

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Andi and Kelly all packed in their bags

The day it all starts

So today has finally come! It’s been a long time coming, and I think that constant countdown has dulled the excitement somewhat. We booked the bulk of the trip around our wedding in June and July. The travel agent sorting the flights and our packages, so it was made easy. We just had to strap…

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