pre nose Taupo

Taupo Base hostel immediately pissed us off thanks to the three flights of stairs and no lift. Yet they made up for it with biscuits in the room. After doing a quick load of washing our first excursion was a boat trip that evening around the lake. The Barbery, a BYO smallish sail boat which…

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Photo 30-11-2015, 14 23 34

Double Luge!

As we enter Rotorua the stench of a thousand eggs hits me, the city is built over crust that measures only 1.5km thick, making it a hive of thermal activity, and earning it the nickname Sulphur city. After the previous 24 hours of caving, hobbiting and Maori villaging I wanted a relaxed day – this…

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Where are the hobbits?

Back in Auckland after our trip to the Bay of Islands and we’re immediately out onto an organised bar crawl. In the first place we meet up randomly with our German and Dutch friends from Waiheke, plus a good contingent of the Kiwi bus. One free beer into the crawl and its competition time for…

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Fear factor one

I thought sand boarding was scary, then we decided to go black water rafting. I didn’t know much about it apart from it would be in caves. Being wet, cold and dark for 5 hours? I really must stop following Andi. Many years ago Andi and I had been white water rafting in Turkey and…

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Backpacking in the bay

The Kiwi bus – our home for the next 4 weeks – pulls into the university of Auckland at 6:45AM and we’ve already made some friends in the queue. Albin and Matilde are from Sweden and we all get into the bus sheepishly waiting to see who else is on board. We’re the first or…

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