A long slog to the south Island

The North Island was full of trips (and a trip), adrenaline and friend makin’, so apart from the early rise getting us down I was upbeat about what the South Island had in store to compete with its Northern counterpart. We rose at 5:45 for the early ferry, which I felt was too early for breakfast….

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Heading South

Our next stop was Wellington, the capital of this fabulous country. As we had taken up most of the morning white water rafting the coach journey to leave River valley didn’t commence until after lunch. This then meant a late arrival in to Wellington. So on that Sunday evening we experienced as much as we…

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The river takes us

Today we’re driving to Napier to see Kelly’s cousin Sharon and co. It’s only a two hour drive in our rent-a-car and the scenery is sublime, rolling hills and vineyards appear as we get closer to the East coast. We pass a sign naming Napier the Art Deco capital of New Zealand, so well done…

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Fear factor two

River valley lodge would be our next overnight stop but nobody had heard of it and looking at google maps and it featuring in the middle of a national forest you had to assume it was remote and private. Boarding a Kiwi Ex bus with new passengers you have to be aware of the new…

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Long lost relatives

Our whole trip started with the plan of visiting my cousin Sharon in the South Island of New Zealand, that was our anchor for everywhere else from the other side of the world back to home. It was a very loose plan with our only confirmed dates for NZ being the flight in to Auckland…

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Post nose Taupo

I think the biggest thing that shocked me when Andi fell on his nose was that I wasn’t shocked. I don’t know if it’s being part of knowing and loving Andi for so long or just a reassuring understanding that whatever mess he gets himself into its going to be just fine and there’s no…

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