The big red rock in the sand

Uluru is massive, I was expecting it to be big but it’s about the size and height of a couple of Wembley stadiums. From the air I expected it to be relatively small but actually it’s just a strange phenomenon at the end of 2 hours of desert. Tonight we’re staying in Ayers Rock, a…

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Adventure in Volcanic Vanuatu

The flight to Vanuatu is quicker than expected, we take just over two hours and lose an hour to time difference. The Virgin Australia plane got us to download an app to stream their in-flight content via wifi, which was odd and meant holding my iPhone up for 2 hours while I watched Macbeth. We…

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Let’s get busy with the Brizzy

As we drive into Queensland our phones buzzed with excitement as the timezone suddenly changed. We got an hour back, what should we do with that special time? Well we drove to Brisbane. Now there’s no point in hanging around or staying very long in Brisbane I’ve been told by numerous people. You’ll tell by…

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Jingle Melbs

I’d planned for us to be in Melbourne for Xmas. Whilst flying over the Tasman sea it seemed like this was a mistake, given we knew no-one in Melbourne and loads of people in Sydney or back in Queenstown. Christmas is after all a very social occasion. Either way Kelly and I were going to…

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The next listicle

1. Olive oil is blind tasted in a blue glass 2. Rose bushes are planted at the end of vineyards to test for bugs in the vines 3. Auckland is one of the least densely populated cities in the world 4. William Shakespeare’s father was a beer taster 5. After the Christchurch earthquake NZ ran…

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