Last jabs for the Honeymooners

Today we had our final vaccination. We have had 8 jabs over the last 6 weeks, and only a couple hurt, but we’re now covered for almost everywhere in the world.

The last one we had, Japanese encephalitis, is the one that Andi can’t pronounce, which will be unfortunateĀ if I’m unconscious and he’s talking to medics having to list out all the inoculations we’ve had and they don’t know what he’s saying.

Also to note, this is a new vaccination so it’s not been medically proven how long this will last, at least until we get to Asia in the new year I hope.

This was the last of 2 sets for this type of vaccine, the first injection 3 weeks ago was actually quite painful for a few days afterwards. This time only Andi is experiencing post jabbing pain, time for some arm punches me thinks.

We’re going to get along like a house on fire!

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