Since we’re leaving the country for 7 months it’s only fair that we spend time with friends and family for a proper goodbye. As this has happened in several places and over several dates we’ve been calling this our farewell tour. Like a boy band. And like a boy band we all know we’ll come back when we’re older and in need of some more money.

There’s been a lot of eating and drinking involved with our goodbye events, some even with a theme. We’ve celebrated Christmas twice in the past week. No religion or presents though so definitely not the real thing.

I have been living the life of luxury for awhile and am aware our time travelling will be very different. In my final weeks at work I was treated to a lot of lunches and the last weekend I spent with my family consisted of 3 nights being wined and dined in a lovely hotel on the coast. Yesterday I got my haircut, today I’m off to a spa and tomorrow we’ll be dining in a fantastic steak restaurant.

I can’t help think we’re soaking up the life we’ve become accustomed to, however I do know our new temporary life around the Southern Hemisphere will be completely different and we’ve in fact been soaking up this current lifestyle as time with our loved ones.

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