I left my heart in San Francisco


I left my heart in San Francisco.

I didn’t, that’s just a song lyric in our heads whilst we’re trying to concentrate on this blog. We’re actually on Waikiki beach in a bar listening to a hula band, drinking Mai Tais and realised we haven’t posted in awhile and need to talk about our last stop before this.

So SF, it was cold, I got a cold. Yet we had a great time. I felt like we travelled all over the city and used all kinds of transport and in the words of Eddie Izzard ‘Alcatraaaaaz’.

Yep we did that. Not as astounding or historic an icon I was led to believe but a good day out all the same. Interesting to experience it with all kinds of visitors on the ferry over even school kids who questioned everything they saw and their teachers couldn’t answer until they’d been round the island, such as why is their graffiti saying INDIANS WELCOME. This we now know is from the American Indian occupation of 18 months when the US government started to kick the Indians off their land in the 60s.

It’s quite a limited inhabitant but big enough to wander round for the day, nice when the sun is shining and you get great views over the bay. I left with questions though about the crimes that led the inmates to be imprisoned there, whether they were first or multiple offenders and whether they were reformed or recommitted upon release.

Next on our day trip we headed to Lombard street, I’d never heard of it but as Andi talked about it he then referenced a scene from inside out which I recognised.

All I kept seeing where hills and my knees were complaining all the way, even more so when Andi kept stopping to photograph graffiti.

Where are we going? I kept thinking. Then a crowd of tourists in the middle of the street indicated the place for us to stop. A residential street no more than eight or so houses long, but vertical, practically, in depth. Pretty houses too. The fascination, however, was the direction of the road, which zig-zagged all the way down. It is a one way street which from what we saw of 15mins viewing, is a high spot on hire car or tourist driving maps. We even saw a hired motorbike with side-car navigate the street down. The zig-zags can fit no more than one car length at a time but sometimes are filled with tourists and their push chairs trying to get good photographs. As I depicted from all of SF, you need a really good clutch/handbrake to drive here.

Next was the cable car, which we had to be squashed on due to the queue of people waiting to travel but was still a fun ride. Travelling around SF reminded me of the roller coasters from Universal Studios, in speed and velocity.

Our next opportunity to travel across the city was sport day. Andi had successfully found a Spurs supporters pub for the Arsenal game and with kick off at 8am on a Sunday our only way there was via uber. Luckily the driver was a lover of his city and gave us a history of the streets as we rode uptown explaining the devastation of the last big earthquake and slowly driving by the painted ladies (houses worth $13million each).

The sports bar was packed, full of spurs fans from across the world, and unfortunately some Arsenal fans too. It was a hot sweaty bar on a very early sunday morning and after a cup of tea I started on the mimosas. Two goals later we were ready to head to our next sport many miles away at the Levi’s stadium for a 49ers game. A cab, train and subway away stood the mighty Levi’s stadium full of Falcons fans. It was the Sunday before the 11th so the game was totally dedicated to the armed forces and every break featured the flag or the anthem or the services in some form, poignant to say the least. Surprisingly the 49ers won! Yay! But as home fans we had to endure a lot of stick from the visiting Falcons fans, one guy was so loud sat behind us and he repeated everything he chanted!

We don’t want no field goal
We don’t want no field goal
We’ll take a touch down or a field goal
We’ll take a touch down or a field goal
[Falcons scored a field foal]
We’ll settle for that
We’ll settle for that

All in my ear for at least three quarters of the game. Still we drank beer, ignored the rain and enjoyed the sport.

We ended the evening and the week by cooking a home cooked meal in the kitchen below our room and doing laundry, proper hostel stuff yeah!
Anyway heading back to the sunset now with a fresh Mai Tai, can’t wait to tell you all about Hawaii or Hawai’i as it is actually spelt.

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