The trip is booked, and it’s really happening!

The holiday of a lifetime is booked and we’ve got some preparation to do before we leave for 7 whole months. We haven’t even booked the first place we’re staying at yet, and if we don’t act soon, we’ll be sleeping on the streets of LA!

We’re starting our journey on the 1st of November and take in California before heading to Hawaii. I was unsure of the best way to get to New Zealand then, as it was a toss up between Samoa and Fiji.

Kelly choose Fiji as we’ll be there for her birthday… well most of it. There’s a small timezone issue where we lose 24 hours, and that was nearly all of Kelly’s birthday, so we moved the flight forward a bit and we ‘only’ lose 8 hours of her birthday!

In New Zealand we are going to take the Kiwi Experience hop-on-hop-off bus, which should be good, even if it is full of teenagers. They can show us the best places to go as well as booking our nights accommodation.

Speaking of accommodation, we’ve opted for hostels on our route. Hopefully private rooms where possible as we can still get the hotel feel, but also take part in the social scenes in the hostels and find out more about each of the places we go.

So once we’ve gone round the north and South islands of New Zealand we’ll head to Australia for Christmas and New year. After this we’ll be hiring a car and heading up to Brisbane.

We’ll take a short break in Vanuatu, a Pacific island that by all accounts is the better option over Bali. Heading back to Australia for the second leg takes us to Fraser Island, The Whitsundays, Cairns then a double flight to Uluru and ending in Perth.

We’re flying into Singapore in February and from there we have to get to Hong Kong for the end of March. What we do in-between is up to us, but I imagine we’ll see Kuala Lumpar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and of course Hong Kong where I’ll have my birthday and see Kelly’s friend Louise.

Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China finish out our Asian leg, and in April we head to India for a month!

Our route home sees us take in Sri Lanka, Dubai (where we’ll hook up with our friend Tim) and finally Dublin where everyone is welcome to come meet us for an end-of-trip Guinness.

Can’t wait!

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