This was only my second visit to the States but having spent a week in New York a couple of years ago I thought I was prepared for the American friendliness. I guess being a die hard Brit, especially living in London, you forget how really nice people can actually be and that when someone is nice to you they don’t always want something in return. But if an old work colleague, originally from France, could settle here then it must be a good place right?

Being the first stop on our trip I didn’t have any expectations, so to speak. I was just looking forward to us being together on holiday, far from distractions of the life we’d left behind and eager to absorb all things new and exciting. I thought I’d have trouble relaxing, not being able to forget about work or worrying about our next movements or whether we’d remember to pack everything. But 5 mins in to our first walk along Venice beach on Monday morning and we’d easily fallen in to holiday mode; soaking up the sun, leisurely strolling and observing the world while casually chatting about life together.


For the three days we’ve been in LA I’ve been repeating the same four words in my head “so far so good”. It’s like I’m afraid to enjoy myself in case something goes against our plan or we don’t have a good time doing something.

So here’s me tempting fate but this is an update mainly for the girls to show you we’re not living in squalor and it’s perfectly fine accommodation. The hostel was great, we had a double bed with bedding, a sink in the room, towels and even a fridge. There was also a free breakfast every morning where we could help ourselves to pancake mix and hard boiled eggs.

With orange juice as well I’m classing this as the healthiest meal of the day. I have acknowledged that we will need to absorb a large portion of vegetables quite soon but you just can’t not love the American menu. In New York, apart from the art, my favourite thing to do was sit at a bar and eat jalapeño poppers. So far we’ve enjoyed beef sliders, Philly cheese steak sandwich, potato skins and a Krusty burger, all delicious. Although the curly fries here aren’t anywhere near as good as The Retreat (a note for all you Worcester people).


I’m writing this sat on our 2nd plane of the trip waiting to take off to San Francisco. Everyone in LA we talked about our next stop to said we’ll have a great time in SF so we’ve got high hopes although I’m keeping an open mind so not to tempt fate. (I hate superstition, it’s against my religion). Weather is not looking amazing, don’t think it’ll be hot enough for shorts, which makes me worry I didn’t pack enough trouser or long sleeve tops. But don’t get me started on that, Andi said the next time we can’t zip up a ruck sack we’ll have to throw something away!

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